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SEGNO - idee Luce


The Segno brand is one characterised by elegance, style, functional research and aesthetics. High quality
materials, the study of colours, maximum reliability, safety and high quality are granted by manufacturing
entirely Made in Italy and they ensure that each Segno lamp is a high quality one that communicates with
the surrounding area.
To illuminate a place means to transmit emotions in all of the modern living areas- homes, offices and
commercial and public places.
We have collaborated with many prestigious architects, among which are Ezio Didone, Adrain Peach, Marco
Merendi, De-Signum, Ferrara Palladino, Giancarlo Tintori, Simone Micheli, Silvio De Ponte, Roberto Paoli,
Diego Ven-cato, Lucy Salamanca. The collection is provided with the most modern and efficient led sources
so as to combine aesthetics with the maximum energy saving.

                                                                                                            SEGNO - Idee Luce
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